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JavaScript Popup lightbox

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JavaScript Popup lightbox
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TinyBox is a lightweight and standalone modal window script. At only 3.4KB it doesn’t include any slideshow capabilities built-in but allows for any AJAX or HTML input so the sky is the limit.The popups fade in/out and dynamically size based on the content if enabled. The styling is completely customizable through the simple CSS.

To display a popup box use the following code:'advanced.html',1,300,150,1,3);


There is nothing to initialize, just start using the script. The function takes 6 parameters: the HTML content for the box or the relative path to the AJAX source,a toggle (true/false or 1/0) if the content is via AJAX, the width of the window (use 0 for auto), the height of the window (use 0 for auto), a toggle (true/false or 1/0) to animate the window, and the time in seconds to wait before auto hiding the popup (optional).