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Kwicks accordion menu for jQuery

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Kwicks accordion menu for jQuery
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Default CSS

Note that all of the examples on this page are using this as their default stylesheet

/* defaults for all examples */
.kwicks {
 list-style: none;
 position: relative;
 margin: 0;
 padding: 0;
.kwicks li{
 display: block;
 overflow: hidden;
 padding: 0;
 cursor: pointer;


Each example has additional styling that is unique to that particular Kwicks instance. If you are going to try out any of the examples, make sure you include these styles as well.

True to Kwick's origins, here's an example that mimics the original effect on the Mootools homepage.


<ul class="kwicks" >
 <li id="kwick1"></li>
 <li id="kwick2"></li>
 <li id="kwick3"></li>
 <li id="kwick4"></li>


.kwicks li{
 float: left;
 width: 125px;
 height: 100px;
 margin-right: 5px;
#kwick1 { 
 background-color: #53b388;
 background-image: url('images/meet.gif');
#kwick2 {
 background-color: #5a69a9;
 background-image: url('images/kwicks.gif');
#kwick3 {
 background-color: #c26468;
 background-image: url('images/for.gif');
#kwick4 { 
 background-color: #bf7cc7;
 background-image: url('images/jquery.gif');
 margin-right: none;