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A new jQuery plugin: scrollSomething

Created 13 years ago   Views 11984   downloads 2510    Author isenne
A new jQuery plugin: scrollSomething
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The perfect solution if you desperatly need to scroll something. You can scroll anything you want.

How to use:





The options:

  • scrollerWidth = The width of the scroller.
  • scrollerHeight = The height of the scroller
  • itemsVisable = Number of items that are visable in the scroller
  • itemsScrolling = Number of items that scroll at the same time
  • scrollInterval = Set time (miliseconds) to activate automatoc scrolling
  • scrollAnimation = Time between scrolling starts and stops
  • scrollRewind = Time to scroll back to item 1
  • scrollPrefix = Prefix for some classes (multiple scrollers on 1 page)
  • buttonSettings = Button settings: “hide” (no buttons), “show” (always visable) or “hover” (visable when hovering the scroller)
  • buttonPosition = Position of the buttons: “topLeft”, “topRight”, “bottomLeft” or “bottomRight”


More explenation:

To add a backround image to an item, you only have to put an image in the item. Just give the image a class called “itemBackground”. Warning: Put the “img” tag at the end of the item!

If you want a highlight for the text, add “wrapLight” or “wrapDark” as a class to the item.

If you want to add a link to the scroll item, just add an anchor tag to the item and give it a class called “itemLink”. Warning: Put the “a” tag at the end of the item!

The plugin is created and tested with jQuery version: 1.4.2