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jQuery Advanced Form Validation

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jQuery Advanced Form Validation
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Form Validator with several features such as grouping required fields or conditional checking if it is valid or not. Also you can validate string, numeric, date or e-mail. And you can combine several validations. For example: required numeric input and minimum 5 chars long.

Easy to build your validation rules by css classes.

<input type="text" name="phone1" "req-min req-numeric req-both" minlength="9" rel="phones" ..>


Customizable Plugin

You can edit error messages, date seperator, onsuccess function, standard error div selector.

Easy to assign

scope : '#form',
errorDiv : '#errorDiv'


Different forms of assign

You can trigger from button or just call the function:

Here is the css classes:

  • .req-string: Field requires string (Use to force other css classes to be required on submit)
  • .req-email: Field requires email
  • .req-min: Field requires minimum X characters (Add minlength parameter to input field)
  • .req-numeric: Field validates numeric
  • .req-date: Field validates date (
  • .req-both: Checks all group fields has some value if one of them filled (group by "rel" attribute)
  • .req-same: Checks all group fields has same value if one of them filled (group by "rel" attribute)

Special thanks to Yusuf Natan & Mehmet Duran for comments..