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Multi Style jQuery images gallery

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Multi Style jQuery images gallery
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How to use

To create image gallery on your html webpage, you should encapsulate all gallery images into a block element (ex. "div") with specified width and height properties. Galileory script would automaticly transform all image containers with class name "galileory".

<div class="galileory" style="width: 960px; height: 540px;">
  <img src="image1.jpg" />
  <img src="image2.jpg" />
  <img src="image3.jpg" />
  <img src="image4.jpg" />

You can also transform specific image containers into galleries using javascript code:


You can use photobank as a source of images.

$(expression).galileoryFlickr( url, [options] );

url A string that contains url to Flickr user photostream, photoset or gallery.
options A set of key/value pairs that configure the Flickr request:

  • size
    Default: 'middle'
    Predefined size of images: square, thumbnail, small, middle, large, original
  • limit
    Default: 100
    Limit of images to retrieve, maximum 500
 {size: 'large', limit: 36}