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cool paginated filterable multi-select widget for MooTools

Created 13 years ago   Views 10223   downloads 2039    Author Justin Donato
cool paginated filterable multi-select widget for MooTools
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The standard HTML list box is a much maligned user interface element. It requires use of both mouse and keyboard to operate, and with any more than a few elements it requires the user to scroll. It's also fairly ugly and difficult to style. I've seen a few nice javascript widgets that improve them, but often they still forced the user to scroll, or simply created lists that pushed page contents down.

I decided to write my own, mostly as an exercise, but also to fit a few requirements I thought were essential to an easy-to-use multi-select element: it should occupy a fixed vertical space, the user should never have to scroll, the user should be able to quickly see the elements she has selected and the elements she has yet to select, and finally, it should allow the user to filter down the elements that are important. Also, I wanted something that worked with MooTools, a great javascript framework.

MTMultiselect is my answer. It's a easy-to-use, paginated, filterable multi-select widget built on MooTools