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Drag the control values slider(Mootools)

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Drag the control values slider(Mootools)
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  1.         1、Horizontal or Vertical options
  2.         2、snap to steps
  3.         3、apply transitions to the slide


var slider1 = new Slider('slideContainer1', 'slideHandle1',{
 onComplete: function(val){$('pos1').setHTML(val);}



onChange            a function to call when the value changes.

onComplete         a function to call when you're done dragging.

onTick                 optionally, you can alter the onTick behavior, for example displaying an effect of the knob moving to the desired position. Passes as a parameter the new position.

steps                   the number of steps for your slider.

mode                  either 'horizontal' or 'vertical'. defaults to horizontal.

wheel                  experimental! Also use the mouse wheel to control the slider. defaults to false.