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Sliding Boxes and Captions with jQuery

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Sliding Boxes and Captions with jQuery
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Learn how to use JQuery animations to slide captions and images in and out of view. Don’t distract your visitors, show them only what they need to see. Come check out what you can do to juice up your site.


Step 1 – CSS Foundation Work

The following defines the viewing window (.boxgrid) and sets the default position for images within it to the top left. This is important to make the overlap while sliding work. Dont’ forget that overflow:hidden makes this all possible.


 width: 325px;
 height: 260px;
 border: solid 2px #8399AF;
 overflow: hidden;
 position: relative;
.boxgrid img{
 position: absolute;
 top: 0;
 left: 0;
 border: 0;



If you aren’t using the semi-transparent captions you are done with CSS – move to Step 2.


 float: left;
 position: absolute;
 background: #000;
 height: 100px;
 width: 100%;
 opacity: .8;
 /* For IE 5-7 */
 filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Alpha(Opacity=80);
 /* For IE 8 */
 -MS-filter: "progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Alpha(Opacity=80)";



Opacity that plays nice in all browsers is a rough topic, educate yourself if you need to.

Now we’ll need to set up the default starting point for the caption box. If you want it fully hidden initially, you will want the distance from the top or left to match the height or width of the window (.boxgrid), depending on which direction it will be sliding. You can also have it partially visible initially, as .caption .boxcaption illustrates.


 .captionfull .boxcaption {
  top: 260;
  left: 0;
 .caption .boxcaption {
  top: 220;
  left: 0;



Step 2 – Adding the Sliding Animations

This next stage is a matter of choosing which animation suites you, I have included a bunch of pre-formatted potentials to help you along. Play around with them to find one that fits your needs and style.


 //To switch directions up/down and left/right just place a "-" in front of the top/left attribute
 //Vertical Sliding
  $(".cover", this).stop().animate({top:'-260px'},{queue:false,duration:300});
 }, function() {
  $(".cover", this).stop().animate({top:'0px'},{queue:false,duration:300});
 //Horizontal Sliding
  $(".cover", this).stop().animate({left:'325px'},{queue:false,duration:300});
 }, function() {
  $(".cover", this).stop().animate({left:'0px'},{queue:false,duration:300});
 //Diagnal Sliding
  $(".cover", this).stop().animate({top:'260px', left:'325px'},{queue:false,duration:300});
 }, function() {
  $(".cover", this).stop().animate({top:'0px', left:'0px'},{queue:false,duration:300});
 //Partial Sliding (Only show some of background)
  $(".cover", this).stop().animate({top:'90px'},{queue:false,duration:160});
 }, function() {
  $(".cover", this).stop().animate({top:'0px'},{queue:false,duration:160});
 //Full Caption Sliding (Hidden to Visible)
  $(".cover", this).stop().animate({top:'160px'},{queue:false,duration:160});
 }, function() {
  $(".cover", this).stop().animate({top:'260px'},{queue:false,duration:160});
 //Caption Sliding (Partially Hidden to Visible)
  $(".cover", this).stop().animate({top:'160px'},{queue:false,duration:160});
 }, function() {
  $(".cover", this).stop().animate({top:'220px'},{queue:false,duration:160});



Step 3 – The HTML

There are a few classes that we created simply as selectors for JQuery. Keep these rules in mind:

  • The div class “.cover” should be assigned to whatever is doing the sliding/movement.
  • Within the div .boxgrid, the img should always come first.

Here’s an example of the HTML I would use for the .captionfull animation:


<div class="boxgrid captionfull">
 <img src="jareck.jpg"/>
 <div class="cover boxcaption">
  <h3>Jarek Kubicki</h3>
  <p>Artist<br/><a href="<a class="linkification-ext" title="Linkification:" href=""></a>" target="_BLANK">More Work</a></p>