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very lightweight tooltips vTip

Created 13 years ago   Views 29241   downloads 3417    Author vertigoProject
very lightweight tooltips vTip
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vTip is designed to quickly provide very lightweight (706b js, 272b CSS, 270b image) tooltips to users of jQuery. The zip includes everything you need (including an example page), as well as jQuery for the examples to work.

Using the jQuery framwork any element with a class of vtip will have it’s title attribute turned into a sleek, customizable tooltip without the klunk and loading time of a large tooltip script.

<a href="#" title="This is an example of a link tooltip." class="vtip">Link Tooltip</a>

<img src="vertigo.png" title="This is an image!" class="vtip" />

<div class="vtip" title="This tooltip shows for the whole div!">This div has a tooltip.</div>

Tag: tooltips