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jQuery Slide Transition Plugin

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jQuery Slide Transition Plugin
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jQuery Slidy is a plugin that generates a customizable transitions automatically.

With default options:


<div id="default">
    <img src="image-1.jpg"/>
    <img src="image-2.jpg"/>
    <img src="image-3.jpg"/>

With effect transition, pause animation and custom cursor:

- The types are: 'normal', 'fade' and 'slide'.

    animation:  'fade',
    cursor:     'wait',
    pause:      true

<div id="default">
    <img src="image-1.jpg"/>
    <img src="image-2.jpg"/>
    <img src="image-3.jpg"/>

Default options:
children:     'img'
The element in which the transition will be done.
cursor:       'default'
The type of cursor that will be displayed when it stops over the banner.
height:       200
Height in pixel of the image banner.
menu:         false
Created automatically a menu.
pause:        false
Stop the transition when the mouse over the banner.
speed:        600
Duration in milliseconds of transition animation effect.
target:       ''
Type of opening the link in the menu and the banner.
time:         3600
Duration in milliseconds of transition of the banners.
animation:    'normal'
Type of the animation effect. ['normal', 'fade' or 'slide']
width:        500
Width in pixel of the image banner.