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Add Notes to Images with jQuery and php

Created 9 years ago   Views 26698   downloads 3489    Author Lukas Rydygel
Add Notes to Images with jQuery and php
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Query-Notes is a simple and easy to use jQuery-Plugin that allows you to add notes to any image (even foreign ones) on your website or blog.


  • add notes to any image
  • many setting options
  • totally scalable
  • changeable look via css
  • link images
  • no database required

Upcoming features in jQuery-Notes 2:

80% finished!

  • add notes to any ELEMENT
  • HTML 5
  • simple CSS themes
  • template support
  • custom notes and forms
  • different types notes in one element
  • many custom callbacks
  • destructor
  • database and file support
  • or write your own PHP adapter
  • easier and faster
  • ...

Upcoming features in jQuery-Notes 2+ (commercial version):

  • face detection


Copy the files to your server.
The default folder jquery-notes_notes, where the notes will be saved, must be writable.

The notes will be saved as a JSON-string under the data-name [prefix]md5([image]).note.