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Beautiful jQuery Vertical Sliding Accordion

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Beautiful jQuery Vertical Sliding Accordion
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we want to share a slick and flexible vertical jQuery accordion with you. The main idea is to expand the accordion slices on click and show some more information. The other slices will become less opaque and squeezed. When navigating to the next slice using one navigation arrows, a new slice will slide in from the top or the bottom. Once a slice is open and we navigate, the subsequent slice will open on slide.

For the HTML structure we have the accordion container, the navigation spans and the wrapper with the slices:

<div id="va-accordion" class="va-container">
	<div class="va-nav">
		<span class="va-nav-prev">Previous</span>
		<span class="va-nav-next">Next</span>
	<div class="va-wrapper">
		<div class="va-slice va-slice-1">
			<h3 class="va-title">Marketing</h3>
			<div class="va-content">
				<p>Henry Watson</p>
					<li><a href="#">About</a></li>
					<li><a href="#">Portfolio</a></li>
					<li><a href="#">Contact</a></li>
		<div class="va-slice va-slice-2">

We give each slice a different class to define a background image for them. In the last fullscreen example we have color classes to assign a different background color to each slice.

Let’s take a look at the example with just 2 slices and a slower animation speed:

	expandedHeight	: 350,
	animSpeed		: 400,
	animOpacity		: 0.7,
	visibleSlices	: 2

The following options are available:

// the accordion's width
accordionW		: 1000,
// the accordion's height
accordionH		: 450,
// number of visible slices
visibleSlices	: 3,
// the height of a opened slice
// should not be more than accordionH
expandedHeight	: 350,
// speed when opening / closing a slice
animSpeed		: 250,
// easing when opening / closing a slice
animEasing		: 'jswing',
// opacity value for the collapsed slices
animOpacity		: 0.2,
// time to fade in the slice's content
contentAnimSpeed: 900,
// if this is set to false,
// we collapse any opened slice
// before sliding
savePositions	: true

If you, for example, would like to show a slice fully on expansion, using the whole height of the accordion container, then you set the expandedHeight to the same value like the accordionH (the height of the accordion). In our last example we used the full window width and height and also adjusted some style (see inline style in the example) in order to remove any margins:

	accordionW		: $(window).width(),
	accordionH		: $(window).height(),
	visibleSlices	: 5,
	expandedHeight	: 450,
	animOpacity		: 0.1,
	contentAnimSpeed: 100

We hope you like this accordion and find it useful!

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