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Pure CSS3 Accordion Image effect

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Pure  CSS3 Accordion Image effect
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Fluent animated transitions for sliding web page elements such as a menu or an image gallery, have always traditionally been implemented with JavaScript. But using the CSS3 pseudo-class :target and the negation pseudo-class :not() properties, together with the CSS3 Transition Module you can achieve the same effect, but without JavaScript! This means that the very popular “accordion or toggle” effects can be easily implemented using only CSS!

In the following CSS workshop we will build an accordion/toggler image gallery to show you how all it all works!

The HTML structure

Getting started, the basic HTML structure of the image gallery has three left menu items, consisting of an header element h2, a paragraph p and a span element. Here they are:

ul class="imageMenu">
    <li id="tasmania01">
            <h2><a href="#tasmania01">Tasmania 01</a></h2>
                  <p><span>Place: Tasmania, Date: 2008, Name: Tasmania 01, ...</span></p>
               <li id="tasmania02">
                  <h2><a href="#tasmania02">Tasmania 02</a></h2>
                  <p><span>Place: Tasmania, Date: 2008, Name: Tasmania 02, ...</span></p>
               <li id="tasmania03">
                  <h2><a href="#tasmania03">Tasmania 03</a></h2>
        <p><span>Place: Tasmania, Date: 2008, Name: Tasmania 03, ...</span></p>

These Elements include the description of the menu item, which will, when clicked, be visible. The HTML above does look pretty poor without any CSS. Here is how it looks at the moment:

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