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noUiSlider - jQuery Range Slider

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noUiSlider - jQuery Range Slider
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A lightweight, highly customisable slider without bloat. Supports Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer 7 to 10. It also supports touch on capable devices, such as iPhone, iPad and Windows 8 and Android devices.

A brand new version of noUiSlider is available now. While staying true to the concept of the original plugin (being without bloat), noUiSlider 3 does not have much to do with good old version 1.0. By dropping a bunch of options and methods, and replacing them by standarised form inputs, the slider is now more useful than ever. Using better scripting and styling methods have caused a massive weight loss, which is great for mobile use. noUiSlider 3 requires jQuery version 1.7.x or newer.

When using noUiSlider in your forms, users get all the functionality they've come to expect, such as clicking the bar to move the closest handle or text fields matching the sliders values, while maintaining a small file size and easy styling. When gzipped, the minified noUiSlider plugin, including the default 'fox' theme, is just 2.74KB.