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Sudo Slider jQuery Plugin

Created 13 years ago   Views 25627   downloads 3868    Author webbies
Sudo Slider jQuery Plugin
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How to use Sudo Slider

If you are 100% lost, copy the basic.html document and make sure that the links to the JavaScript and the css works, because i here assume that you already have a working setup of Sudo Slider.

You can call the script in 2 ways; the first is when you initialize the script.

        option1: setting1,
        option2: setting2,
        option3: setting3,
        option4: setting4


        continuous:        true,
        history:           true,
        numericText:       ['one','two','three'],
        customLink:        'a.tablink',
        updateBefore:      true,
        nextHtml:          '<span> next </span>'


Remember to exclude the "," after the last setting.
You can off course replace the "#slider" with whatever CSS selector you want.
Here's a list of all options and an explanation of what they do.

<!-- -->

The second is when you want the slider to perform an action after init


An action can be one of the following. (see examples of all possible actions below.)

  • 'next' Move to the next slide.
  • 'prev' Move to the previous slide.
  • 'first' Move to the first slide.
  • 'last' Move to the last slide.
  • 'start' Starts the automatic sliding, turning it into a slideshow.
  • 'stop' Stops the automatic sliding.
  • 'block' Block the slider from doing anything (including the automatic sliding).
  • 'unblock' Unblock it, to make user input possible.
  • 'destroy' "Destroys" the slider, removing the controls, and removing all bound events. But leaving the html of the slider, as it was when it was destroyed.
  • [insert number] Move to the slide corresponding to the number (the first slide is number 1).

    $("#slider").sudoSlider('next'); //Go to next
    $("#slider").sudoSlider('prev'); //Go to previous
    $("#slider").sudoSlider('first'); //Go to first
    $("#slider").sudoSlider('last'); // Go to last
    $("#slider").sudoSlider('start'); // Start slideshow
    $("#slider").sudoSlider('stop'); // Stop slideshow
    $("#slider").sudoSlider('block'); // Block the slider
    $("#slider").sudoSlider('unblock'); // Unblock it
    $("#slider").sudoSlider('destroy'); // Destroy it
    $("#slider").sudoSlider(3); // Go to slide number 3