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jQuery Approach

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jQuery Approach
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Approach is a jQuery plugin that allows you to animate style properties based on the cursor’s proximity to an object. It works in a very similar manner to jQuery animate, however it animates over distance instead of time.

If an object, Foo, has a starting opacity of 0.2 (set in the stylesheet), and the following code is used:

In the stylesheet:

    #foo { opacity: 0.2; }

In the document’s script tag:

        opacity: 0.99
    }, 300);


As the cursor approaches Foo, and reaches the minimum radial distance (in this example, a threshold of 300px), Foo’s opacity will be animated to a value between 0.2 and 0.99, proportional to its distance from Foo.


Note: The plugin accepts any CSS property that is accepted by jQuery animate, and also accepts color-based parameters, if you are using the jQuery UI Effects Core.

A simple demo that animates both font-size and color.

    "fontSize": "40px",
    "color": "#CC3300"
}, 200);


In this next demo, there are 40 circle images, each with a starting opacity of 0.2. jQuery Approach is attached to all of the circles, using a minimum radial distance of 100px, and animated to an opacity of 0.8 as the cursor approaches an object’s center.

Note: This demo only works in browsers that support the CSS style, opacity (not older versions of IE).

$("#wrap img").approach({
    "opacity": 0.8
}, 100);