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Fancy Zoom with jquery or Mootools

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Fancy Zoom with jquery or Mootools
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FIrst off, you can visit the demo to see the effect in action. the fancyZoom effect is added in a much more jQuery-like way.

$(document).ready(function() {

This will add the Zoom Effect to any a tag classed with zoom, and will show content relating to the id referenced in the href of the a tag.

Additions, etc.

I’ve added in a few additional usability enhancements, most of which John has included back into the Prototype version. These include:

  • The zoom will close when clicking outside the zoom box area.
  • Hitting the esc key will close the zoom window.
  • Passing an option of closeOnClick: true into the fancyZoom function will close the zoom when the contents are clicked as well. This works great for image galleries.