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Custom jQuery form Selectbox

Created 12 years ago   Views 14721   downloads 2242    Author djmason9
Custom jQuery form Selectbox
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Replaces the standard HTML form selectbox with a custom looking selectbox. Allows for disable, multiselect, scrolling, and very customizable.


isscrolling: true,
scrollminitems: 5,
scrollheight: 100,
preopenselect: true,
openspeed: "slow",
isdisabled: false,
selectwidth: 150


@param isscrolling: false,  //scrolls long lists
@param scrollminitems: 15,  //items before scrolling
@param scrollheight: 150,  //height of scrolling window
@param preopenselect: true,  //opens prechecked select boxes
@param hoverstyle: "hover", //css hover style name
@param openspeed: "normal", //open speed "slow","normal","fast" or numbers 1000
@param alldisabled: false,  //disables all the selectbox
@param selectwidth: "auto",  //set width of selectbox
@param wrappername: ".select_wrap" //class name of the wrapper tag