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scarce idiagonal Fade effect with jQuery

Created 12 years ago   Views 18705   downloads 2291    Author jonobr1
scarce idiagonal Fade effect with jQuery
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diagonalFade is a jQuery plugin allowing you to easily specify direction, fade-in, fade-out, and a host of other options to a grouping of elements. All you have to do is import it, specify the container to which the group of items resides, and poof, you're off and away.

diagonalFade is great for inventory or anything with a large amount of items ordered in a grid. diagonalFade has been tested in all modern browser's with jQuery 1.3.2 — if you'd like to share any of your findings please don't hesitate to contribute on GitHub!

time: 100,
fadeDirection_x: 'left-right', // "left-right" || "right-left"
fadeDirection_y: 'top-bottom', // "top-bottom" || "bottom-top"
fade: 'out',                   // "in" || "out"
complete: null                 // callback function
} });

// or $("#container").diagonalFade(); — these are all optional params. 
Tag: image fade