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jQuery-Horizontal Accordion

Created 13 years ago   Views 22794   downloads 4904    Author n/a
jQuery-Horizontal Accordion
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This jQuery plugin allows you to easily transform any unordered list into a horizontal menu.

Currrent functionality:

  • No dependencies
  • Optional use of easing plugin
  • Close and open content one after the other
  • Close and open at the same time
  • Choose trigger (mouseover, click ...)
  • Easily control through external calls
  • Open content on load
  • Open content through hash tags in the url (#tab1, #tab2...)
  • Position of handle (left, right)
  • Mixed handle positions - 2 left , 2 right ...
  • Cycle through content by interval
  • Events when animations starts and ends
  • Hide content until all has been assembled

Planned additions

  • Open for suggestions
  • Different width per container: "200,300,250,300", will require some rewriting for the animation handling
  • jQuery CSS Framework option - Themeroller compliancy
  • Degrade options
  • Keyboard navigation