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Great TinySlider 2 with jQuery

Created 12 years ago   Views 30493   downloads 6507    Author scriptiny
Great TinySlider 2 with jQuery
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This full-featured and standalone JavaScript slider is easily configurable and visually customizable using CSS. It also clocks in at a tiny 3KB. Features included from the first version include automatic rotation with the option to auto-resume, an active class on a navigation list if applicable, and a direction toggle (vertical or horizontal). Updates include more fluid motion, an elastic tween option, continuous sliding without rewind, and a couple other fixes/tweaks. It accepts any content and gracefully degrades when JavaScript isn’t available. Stay tuned for an updated TinyBox soon.

To initialize the script use the following:

var slideshow=new TINY.slider.slide('slideshow',{
auto:4, // false for no automation else the number of seconds between slides
resume:false, // continue auto sliding after interruption
navid:'pagination', // ID of pagination UL
activeclass:'current', // active class for pagination
position:0, // initial position index
rewind:false, // toggle "rewinding", else the slides will be continuous
elastic:true, // toggle the bouncing effect of the slides
left:'slideleft', // ID of left nav, to cancel cursor selection
right:'slideright' // ID of left nav, to cancel cursor selection

The first parameter taken by TINY.slider.slide is the variable name used for the object instance. You can also manually set the width/height parameter for the applicable direction you are sliding. If it is not set the width or height will be automatically calculated using the first list element. This script has been tested in all major browsers and is available free of charge for both personal or commercial projects under the creative commons license.  Images are copyrighted by Warner Bros.

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