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Multiple CSS Drop-Down Menu with jQuery

  Views 54787   downloads 13613   Menu & Navigation

Modular, with themes. Not only HTML is separated from CSS, but even CSS definitions are categorized into structural and thematic types. Thus creating a new css drop-down menu means creating only a new…


Scalable Menu with jQuery CSS3

  Views 99851   downloads 16351   Menu & Navigation

we are going to create a simple menu that will stand out once we hover over it by covering everything except the menu with a dark overlay. The menu will stay white and a submenu area will expand. We will…


super Simple-useful Drop Down Menu

  Views 29902   downloads 5803   Menu & Navigation

It is a One Level Drop-Down Menu with Timeout effect. Internet has a lot of scripts with the name "Drop Down Menu". One day I needed to make such menu for my site. I have rummaged a heap of sites and…


Mootools Elegant Menu Fly-out

  Views 15838   downloads 2639   Menu & Navigation

It’s a more elegant solution than regular fly-outs,Here is my version in JavaScript built with Mootools. Follow along as I describe the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. [Update: You can now try out and…


Jquery tab menu Wizard Plugin

  Views 58156   downloads 10067   Menu & Navigation

After looking for a jquery plugin that will emulate a windows wizard I decided to make my own (with the help of cody lindley’s css step menu). The code: First we need a simple javascript function…


Vertical Menu

  Views 25808   downloads 5784   Menu & Navigation

A simple and lightweight prototype-based solution for vertical menu. Lightweight: ~1.32 KB Unobtrusive: Plays nice with JS turned off. Cross-browser: Full A-Graded browsers support Fully customizable:…


JQuery Draggable Sitemap

  Views 32809   downloads 5121   Menu & Navigation

There are a handful of javascript libraries and plugins available that attempt this task, but none of them worked flawlessly with our HTML. The real issue here is that javascript alone cannot produce…


Easy jQuery drop down menus

  Views 25394   downloads 4993   Menu & Navigation

The examples below have styling and effects to make them look nice, but first I will show you the minimum you need to get your menus running. First off, you need a set of nested lists and link to create…


jQuery Very Long scroll Dropdown Menus

  Views 29066   downloads 3979   Menu & Navigation

jQuery Makes it Tick I’m going to dump the code all in here just for quick reference. I commented it, so it should be fairly easy to follow. It’s over 60 lines, but don’t worry too much,…


simple CSS jQuery Menu

  Views 26733   downloads 5358   Menu & Navigation

HTML This can’t get any simpler. Just make a valid nested unordered list with a root id of “navmenu-h” (for horizontal) or “navmenu-v” (for vertical) and you are all set.…


simple jQuery Drop Down Menu

  Views 19613   downloads 4383   Menu & Navigation

Introduction Alright, this time, we are going to make a drop down menu. The main objective is to make it as simple as possible, with some little jQuery effect and easy to customize/ apply different style…


Super Cool jquery floating menu

  Views 49224   downloads 8661   Menu & Navigation

A simple menu that “follows” page scrolling and expands on mouse over with css and jquery.


jQuery Awesome modal Navigation Menu

  Views 35107   downloads 4084   Menu & Navigation

We have a horizontal menu with a few categories. Each category has multiple subcategories and each such subcategory may contain a random number of products. For easier and faster movement of users thorough…


jQuery CSS3 a Mega Drop-Down Menu

  Views 50606   downloads 8523   Menu & Navigation

Mega drop-down menus are not actually new, but more and more we see them on popular websites and blogs. With the ever increasing quantity of content on the web we have to figure out solutions to display…


animated menu with Sprites and jQuery

  Views 12608   downloads 2587   Menu & Navigation

Sprites are widely used on big sites (Yahoo!, Google, Amazon and more) but rarely for “normal” projects. I think this is due to two questions that usually stop us when it comes to learn something…