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jQuery Dropdown Menu

Views 7454   downloads 1857   Menu & Navigation

In this post, we are going to create a simple dropdown menu with the help of jQuery, take a look at the demo of it first. I assume you know at least the basics of jQuery and CSS. The key to creating the…


Smooth Horizontal Sliding Tab Navigation with jQuery

Views 14337   downloads 1775   Menu & Navigation

we'll show you how to create a navigation menu that slides horizontally. It begins with a set of "tabs" on the right side of a containing element. When clicked, a tab slides to the left to reveal a group…


imitating kwicks nice menu jQuery Plugin

Views 14619   downloads 2080   Menu & Navigation

Step One Let’s start writing our markup . <html> <head> <title>JS Effect</title> </head> <body> <ul> <li><a href="#"><img src="images/products.jpg"…


jQuery horizontal animated menu

Views 18143   downloads 3128   Menu & Navigation

HTML code: HTML code seem to be simple. Simply copy and paste these all code below to your new HTML page. <div class="kwicks_container"> <ul class="kwicks"> <li id="kwick_1"> <a href="#">Home…


Accessible collapsing menu

Views 14100   downloads 2957   Menu & Navigation

This is a demo of the script explained in Accessible expanding and collapsing menu. The HTML The HTML that appeared in the article is this (shortened, and with id values translated from Swedish): <div…


Feature Complete jQuery Slide Out Info Bar

Views 21955   downloads 3968   Menu & Navigation

The bar used jQuery to hide itself until someone click a small question mark on the top left of the page. The box contains several drop down boxes which house info such as FAQs, Contact form, about us…


Dropdown Blogroll With CSS Only

Views 9644   downloads 1686   Menu & Navigation

Dropdown menus are a great way of including a long list of links without cluttering up your page. The issue though is that they can be hard to style, but look quite ugly if you don’t. There isn’t…


Pure CSS Elegant Drop Menu And horizontal menu

Views 13344   downloads 1967   Menu & Navigation

Why do we love to use Drop Menu to display our navigation? Because, it saves space for our website. If you’re building a website with many categories, you need to use drop down menu technique for…


Multi-level Navigation Menu With jQuery And CSS3

Views 13603   downloads 2962   Menu & Navigation

This is an attractive cross-browser navigation menu; notable features include CSS3 gradients, multiple sub-menus, and jQuery animations.


Lava Lamp Style Menu Navigation with jQuery

Views 33101   downloads 7105   Menu & Navigation

Step 1 Create the Mark-up Before we can create this neat functionality, we need a base from which to work from. In your favorite code editor, create an unordered list for your navigation, and import both…


jQuery sprite Fade Navigation Menu

Views 11945   downloads 1842   Menu & Navigation

What is a sprite? In case you aren’t sure, a CSS sprite is a large image, made up of all the smaller images you wish to use on your webpage. The benefits of using CSS sprites include: Page load…


Cool jQuery Site Collapsing vertical Navigation

Views 24634   downloads 5000   Menu & Navigation

we will create a collapsing menu that contains vertical navigation bars and a slide out content area. When hovering over a menu item, an image slides down from the top and a submenu slides up from the…


Sweet Menu JQuery

Views 40700   downloads 7756   Menu & Navigation

Sweet Menu takes an ordinary unordered list of links and makes it a sweet looking menu. It does this by utilizing jQuery and it’s plugin system. Simply include the jQuery library, the Sweet Menu…


RocketBar – A jQuery And CSS3 Persistent Navigation Menu

Views 9567   downloads 1771   Menu & Navigation

 Everyday on the web there’s something that we all do, almost regardless of the site that we’re on – we scroll down. If we’re reading a blog post, looking through a product…


Cool Sprites – Free overlapped CSS menu using CSS Sprites

Views 13736   downloads 2933   Menu & Navigation

CSS sprites can be termed as a method for reducing the number of image requests to a web page by combining multiple images into a single image, and display the desired segment using CSS background-image…