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Rich Media Dropdown Menu with jQuery

  Views 63715   downloads 15796   Menu & Navigation

Today’s tutorial combines two good friends, jQuery and dropdown menus! “That boring old combination”, I hear you cry. But wait, this is a dropdown menu with a difference! It takes away…


Pure CSS3 animation Menu Navigation

  Views 50234   downloads 10459   Menu & Navigation

The example will only be visible in Firefox, Safari and Chrome because it uses the CSS3 Animation Property. HTML Now look carefully ... this markup is really easy, just create an unordered list and insert…


Pure CSS3 slide dropdown Menu

  Views 77186   downloads 20649   Menu & Navigation

As usual, we start with the HTML. Here is the html code of our menu. As usual – this is again UL-LI based navigation menu. The most interesting thing will be CSS styles of course. index.html <ul…


Beautiful CSS3 scroll Social Menu

  Views 62146   downloads 16866   Menu & Navigation

we’ll learn how to code a fancy social networks menu with HTML5 and CSS3 and absolutely no images. Yup, that’s right! No images at all. We’ll also learn how to convert a normal font…


Colorful jQuery animation slide menu

  Views 66003   downloads 13353   Menu & Navigation

This is a nice and colorful jQuery and css menu The Idea is to create a normal ul li menu and apply a top border to the anchor tags with colors that will match with the element background color when it…


Nice jQuery Walking Navigation

  Views 74353   downloads 12043   Menu & Navigation

On a single page website with fixed position navigation, it will be nice to tell user on what section they are reading at. In this tutorial I am going to share how to create a walking navigation, on the…


jQuery Multi Level dropdown Menu

  Views 618   downloads 367   Menu & Navigation

As your website grows, so does the need for better navigation and sometimes the navigation becomes the driving force for better user experience. jQSimpleMenu is a multi-level hierarchical jQuery drop…


jQuery BBC News Map menu plugin

  Views 35193   downloads 4850   Menu & Navigation

The BBC News Map cleverly breaks England into 10 square-boundary regions, allowing them to make each region out of several <span> tags rather than one <area> tag. The use of the <span>…


CSS3 and html5 Flashy Menu

  Views 25870   downloads 4377   Menu & Navigation

we'll going to show you how to create a flashy menu using CSS3. This tutorial is for beginners and can be completed fairly quickly. Make sure you click on the link below to see a demo of the menu…


jQuery cool auto moving submenu

  Views 53664   downloads 10728   Menu & Navigation

we’re going to create an automatic moving submenu based on selected its parent. Each submenu is horizontally stacked, sequentially in the order of their parent menu. So when user moving their cursor…


CSS3 and jQuery Blur Menu

  Views 29122   downloads 5374   Menu & Navigation

In this experiment will show you how to achieve a simple blur effect applied on menu elements. HTML The first step is to lay down the HTML markup. Our structure is very simple. <div class="menu">…


Simple pure CSS3 animation multilevel menu

  Views 19274   downloads 3878   Menu & Navigation

This is a new nice CSS3 menu with interesting behavior, where  use css3 transition and animation. This is UL-LI-based multilevel menu. Step 1. HTML As usual, we start with the HTML. Here are full…


Scroll Links Box Navigation Menu-BoxyMenu

  Views 2584   downloads 469   Menu & Navigation

BoxyMenu is a simple and fast navigation menu plugin that renders smoothly in all major web browsers. It is simple to customize and can be plugged in to any website or web application. BoxyMenu Parameters…


jQuery Like iPhone display list items menu

  Views 31133   downloads 5645   Menu & Navigation

A jQuery plugin that allows you to display list items in a similar way like a iPhone home screen. If item count exceeds the displayed items on one screen, users can swipe through screens. What does it…


cool jQuery Apple’s New Slide Menu

  Views 34449   downloads 6738   Menu & Navigation

Apple has a new product nav menu that replaced their old horizontal scroller with some new animated candy. The demo will take some time before all major browsers even support this cool new CSS wizardry.…