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a Slick and Accessible Slideshow Using jQuery

  Views 30651   downloads 4997   Slideshow & Scroller

Setting the foundations The most important part of any good web component is a solid HTML structure. A semantic foundation means that your content will be web accessible in virtually all browser clients.…


jquery masked Gallery

  Views 22823   downloads 3063   Image Effects

Slide your images into a mask! Build your own png mask and choose your images to slide inside! in the header: <script type="text/javascript" src="inc/jquery/1.3.2.min.js"></script> <script…


A jQuery plugin Flip 360 degrees

  Views 18819   downloads 2880   Slideshow & Scroller

This demo mimics the popular card flip technique which can rotate an element 360 degrees around its own x or y-axis. How to use? Like every jquery plugin, just chain it: $("#flipbox").flip({ direction:'tb'…


Carousel Vertical And Carousel Horizontal jQuery

  Views 40735   downloads 5968   Slideshow & Scroller

A carousel provides quick item browsing which combats the precision of keyword searches and the lack of precision in typical browsing/paging environments. Many ajax frameworks are beginning to implement…


Simple 3D Carousel using Mootools

  Views 17553   downloads 3181   Slideshow & Scroller

After researching a good method to create a 3D Carousel I came across two resources that intrigued me; firstly which provided an amazing flash 3D Carousel tutorial and then the jQuery…


jQuery Horizontal Box Slider

  Views 21449   downloads 2525   Slideshow & Scroller

Horizontal Box Slider is using native scrolling. There are a lot of “carousels”, but none of them is using it. horizontal_box_slider.js is very tiny (≈2.75KB) framework agnostic “carousel”…


jQuery ExtSlide

  Views 13005   downloads 2166   Slideshow & Scroller

jquery extends slide effect (animate): slideLeftShow, slideLeftHide, slideLeftToggle, slideRightShow, slideRightHide, slideRightToggle


Slideshow jQuery Plugin

  Views 12384   downloads 2128   Slideshow & Scroller

Include JavaScript library jQuery and (a)Slideshow plugin (with style): <link href="/js/jquery.aslideshow/simple/styles.css" media="screen" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" /> <script type="text/javascript"…


A new jQuery plugin: scrollSomething

  Views 19153   downloads 3476   Slideshow & Scroller

  The perfect solution if you desperatly need to scroll something. You can scroll anything you want. How to use:   $("#myScrollebleItems").scrollSomething();     The options: scrollerWidth…


Tabbed content with jQuery

  Views 30109   downloads 6502   Slideshow & Scroller

In this example we'll going to show you some web development techniques that can be used in your next projects. This will cover some CSS, HTML and jQuery tricks. First thing we need is some basic HTML…


Smooth Vertical or Horizontal Page Scrolling with jQuery

  Views 22766   downloads 3058   Slideshow & Scroller

we will create a simple smooth scrolling effect with jQuery. We will create a horizontal and a vertical website layout to show the effect. The Markup The markup for our example page is going to be very…


Automatic Image Slider with CSS & jQuery(red)

  Views 234138   downloads 19148   Slideshow & Scroller

With the release of the iPad and its lack of support for flash, it has stirred up a lot of debates regarding the future of flash. With this in mind, I believe it is wise to build simple…


jQuery Flickr Photo Gallery Plug

  Views 13742   downloads 2189   Slideshow & Scroller

Simply hand the plug-in a Flickr set_id and give the container a width and height ! Example HTML Code Example <div id="flickr_div"></div> <!-- "flickr_count" Required for count and titles…


jQuery Image Scale Carousel

  Views 22430   downloads 3093   Slideshow & Scroller

What Makes jQuery Image Scale Carousel Different? It auto scales the images you put into it to the appropriate height and width keeping their aspect ratio in place. When working with imagery online keeping…


Recreating the Content Switcher with jQuery and CSS3

  Views 17497   downloads 2998   Slideshow & Scroller

This project was to try to recreate the switcher without any extraneous images or other non-essential elements that tend to make stuff less maintainable. This version uses CSS3′s border-radius,…