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HTML5 and jQuery filter images Portfolio

Views 63280   downloads 10151   Image Effects

we will be making a beautiful HTML5 portfolio powered by jQuery and the Quicksand plugin. You can use it to showcase your latest work and it is fully customizable, so potentially you could expand it to…


randomised nice jQuery background scrolling effect

Views 23038   downloads 4380   Image Effects

A continually scrollling background image using javascript A static overlay image with transparency Random starting positions for both images allowing for a unique appearance on every page load, again…


jQuery cool hover Slide Effect

Views 35913   downloads 4572   Slideshow & Scroller

Setting up our files Ok let’s start by opening our text editor and creating a new html document, save this to your desktop as “index.html”. Now create a new css file and save this as…


Stunning Sliding Door Effect with jQuery

Views 14492   downloads 3248   Image Effects

Basically, this is what it does: Grab all the div with qitem class, find the image and replace it with four DIVs (four corners) Each of the corner will have the same background image (grabbed from qitem…


Useful and Practical jQuery Image ToolTips

Views 43000   downloads 13448   Image Effects

It displays a tooltip image when user hover on the thumbnail with fadein and out effect. it's a useful script for your website. 1. HTML I have been thinking of using UL list, but then I think it's not…


pure CSS Image Maps

Views 54107   downloads 7165   Image Effects

we're not only going to get you up to speed on how to create a CSS image map, but, we're also going to take it a couple steps further and add hover states to our image map using a CSS background image…


Amazon Books Widget with jQuery and XML Image Scroller

Views 19927   downloads 3322   Slideshow & Scroller

It makes sense to forgo database tables and server-side code when you need to store a limited amount of non-sensitive data. Accessing this data can be a snap with jQuery because the library was built…


Animate Curtains Opening with jQuery

Views 29334   downloads 5144   Image Effects

Step 1 – What You’ll Need This example would not be anything special without the graphics, so let’s make sure you’ve got those under control. I’ve included the ones used…


CSS and Jquery: an Image Slider

Views 14849   downloads 2481   Image Effects

Basically you are going to create a jquery effect. When a holder is hovered over the top image slides down to reveal the image underneath. I will also explain how to use position absolute to float an…


jQuery fading header effect

Views 16491   downloads 2341   Image Effects

The HTML and CSS The HTML is very straight forward. We have a h1 element with a link inside of it. We’re going to hook our Javascript onto our header (or whichever element we want to add this effect…


Annotation Overlay Effect with jQuery

Views 11366   downloads 1679   Image Effects

we will create a simple overlay effect to display annotations in e.g. portfolio items of a web designers portfolio. The Markup The HTML is pretty simple: we have a main “portfolio” wrapper…


Apple-like Retina Effect With jQuery

Views 16333   downloads 2494   Image Effects

This is also the case with the latest version of their iPhone. But what I found interesting is the term they coined – “Retina display” and the promo image accompanying it. What made…


a jQuery Image Scroller

Views 20275   downloads 3595   Slideshow & Scroller

We’re going to be building an image scroller, making use of jQuery’s excellent animation features and generally having some fun with code. Image scrollers are of course nothing new; versions…


Beautiful image Filterable Portfolio with jQuery

Views 21380   downloads 3115   Layout & Interface

  If you have worked in your field for a while, there is a pretty good chance that you have a rather extensive portfolio. To make it a little easier to navigate, you will probably be tempted to break…


Basic image Rotate effect with jQuery

Views 24984   downloads 2167   Image Effects

Description: This is an final product of a Wilq32.PhotoEffect Snippet (browse blog to get more information). Actually you can use this simple and tiny script to rotate images (any angle) directly on client…