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jQuery lightbox slideshow gallery

5 years ago   Views 12973   downloads 1757   Lightbox & Dialog & Overlay

Here it is. A super clean photo gallery! A full featured photo gallery, with navigation toolbar, thumbnails, autosize frame; you can also use it to show a public Flickr set or all public Flickr user photos.…


BlogSlideShow image viewer with fancy transition effects (jQuery&CSS3;)

5 years ago   Views 11117   downloads 1489   Lightbox & Dialog & Overlay

BlogSlideShow is a free open-code JQuery plugin that enhances your blog pages with fancy image viewer, which provides nice transition effects including CSS3/HTML5-related ones. All what you need is to…


jQuery Approach

5 years ago   Views 11498   downloads 1500   Text & Link Effects

Approach is a jQuery plugin that allows you to animate style properties based on the cursor’s proximity to an object. It works in a very similar manner to jQuery animate, however it animates over…


Slideshow jQuery Plugin

5 years ago   Views 9657   downloads 1308   Slideshow & Scroller

Include JavaScript library jQuery and (a)Slideshow plugin (with style): <link href="/js/jquery.aslideshow/simple/styles.css" media="screen" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" /> <script type="text/javascript"…


Sexy Images jQuery Plugin

5 years ago   Views 21689   downloads 2180   Image Effects

This plugin allows you to create sexy hover effect for images on your page ;) Requried: jQuery 1.3+ Test with following browsers: Opera 10.0+ Mozilla Firefox 3.0+ Google Chrome 3.0.195 Safari 3.1+ (win)…


A new jQuery plugin: scrollSomething

5 years ago   Views 14788   downloads 2617   Slideshow & Scroller

  The perfect solution if you desperatly need to scroll something. You can scroll anything you want. How to use:   $("#myScrollebleItems").scrollSomething();     The options: scrollerWidth…


jQuery illuminate with info balloon

5 years ago   Views 11694   downloads 2333   Lightbox & Dialog & Overlay

Illuminate – jQuery plugin This plugin is used to highlight elements on a web page. What it does: When using the plugin you can highlight any kind of element on the webpage. You could use it for…


Tabbed content with jQuery

5 years ago   Views 24014   downloads 5260   Slideshow & Scroller

In this example we'll going to show you some web development techniques that can be used in your next projects. This will cover some CSS, HTML and jQuery tricks. First thing we need is some basic HTML…


Smooth Vertical or Horizontal Page Scrolling with jQuery

5 years ago   Views 17736   downloads 2246   Slideshow & Scroller

we will create a simple smooth scrolling effect with jQuery. We will create a horizontal and a vertical website layout to show the effect. The Markup The markup for our example page is going to be very…


A Clean and Stylish CSS3 Contact Form

5 years ago   Views 24868   downloads 7491   Form

Building stylish contact forms typically requires the use of images (and maybe some JavaScript) to create something that looks professional. However, with CSS3 it’s now much easier to create some…


Simple Star Rating System

5 years ago   Views 9356   downloads 1944   Rating & Star Rating

This is a jquery plugin for star rating systems. The intial inspiration for this script came from "Wil Stuckey's" star rating system. But the original script requires too much coding. Also it does not…


Automatic Image Slider with CSS & jQuery(red)

5 years ago   Views 202698   downloads 16554   Slideshow & Scroller

With the release of the iPad and its lack of support for flash, it has stirred up a lot of debates regarding the future of flash. With this in mind, I believe it is wise to build simple…


jQuery Easy Pinned Footer

5 years ago   Views 16721   downloads 2281   Layout & Interface

Easy method, using jQuery, to pin a footer to the bottom of the web browser. Toggle between relative and static Example HTML <div id="footer"> <div>© 2009 - 2010 Whatever you might copyright.</div>…


jQuery Checkbox & Radiobutton Plugin

5 years ago   Views 7590   downloads 1424   Form

ezMark is a jQuery Plugin that allows you to stylize Radio button and Checkbox easily. Its very small (minified version is ~1.5kb) compared to other similar scripts. It has been tested and works on all…


jQueryNotice animated notification tooltip

5 years ago   Views 14075   downloads 2390   Tooltips

jQnotice allows you to easily show an animated notification tooltip at the top of your website with just a simple line of code. How-to use ? You can use it by just call the following method: jQnotice('Your…