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Horizontal Accordion menu with jQuery

7 years ago   Views 39585   downloads 4926   Accordion

Up until now I have always used Scriptaculous / Prototype for any JavaScript animation and effects, but lately I’ve heard a lot of good things about jQuery. So, I thought I would give it a try,…


desSlideshow - Stylish featured image slideshow jQuery plugin

7 years ago   Views 107665   downloads 17274   Slideshow & Scroller

Usage Include js files.   <link href="css/style.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" /> <script src=""></script>…


mootools FrancyForm Checkboxes Radio buttons

7 years ago   Views 12104   downloads 1866   Form

FancyForm is a powerful checkbox replacement script used to provide the ultimate flexibility in changing the appearance and function of HTML form elements. It's accessible, easy to use and degrades gracefully…


JavaScript Dropdown Menu with Multi Levels

7 years ago   Views 23155   downloads 4379   Menu & Navigation

This multi-level drop down menu script weighs in at only 1.2 KB. It features animation, active header persistence, easy implementation and multiple instance support. To initialize a drop down menu use…


Professional Dropline #1 drop-down menu

7 years ago   Views 18171   downloads 3364   Menu & Navigation

This menu uses the same small javascript routine as the Professional dropdown #1 menu to add the IE5.x and IE6 styles to the stylesheet and provide the 'hover' function. All that is necessary is to produce…


Professional Dropdown navigation menu

7 years ago   Views 22806   downloads 5367   Menu & Navigation

You've seen the 'suckerfish' menus and the 'son of suckerfish', well I think that this one takes them another step further (grandson of suckerfish?). The 'problem' that I found with using the 'suckefish…


jQuery Slideshow

7 years ago   Views 20657   downloads 3385   Slideshow & Scroller

Homepages generally don’t have enough space for all the promotions clients want to put on there.  The homepage slideshow is a great space saving solution, while keeping your homepage from looking…


bxSlider jQuery Content Slider

7 years ago   Views 89012   downloads 21679   Slideshow & Scroller

bxSlider is a jQuery content slider plugin that is light weight and easy to use. Features: horizontal and vertical slide movement auto mode start / stop controls previous / next controls numeric navigation…


Dynamic Flickr Photo Gallery with Slider jQuery

7 years ago   Views 23778   downloads 3424   Slideshow & Scroller

flickrGallery is an open-source photo gallery for jQuery that allows you to dynamically pull images from a photoset in Flickr. The main functionalities of this gallery are a) to pull in images dynamically…


Sliding Image Gallery jQuery Plugin

7 years ago   Views 20987   downloads 3861   Slideshow & Scroller

The idea behind this plug-in is to display a varying number of images in an attractive and easy to use manner. The inspiration for this plug-in this iTunes album viewer. The SlidingGallery plug-in will…


Using form labels as text field values jQuery

7 years ago   Views 10353   downloads 2103   Form

The problem Let's rethink what I just did. I placed a sentence "Input your email here" as a text field value by adding it to the VALUE attribute. Why is that wrong? The VALUE attribute of the INPUT tag…


Easy Display Switch with CSS and jQuery

7 years ago   Views 27844   downloads 3100   Image Effects

This is a simple way to allow your users to switch page layouts by using CSS and jQuery. Today’s web users expect web pages to be increasingly more interactive. To this end, the ability to change…


Twitter Sign-up Page using HTML5 And CSS3 (no js)

7 years ago   Views 31017   downloads 6362   HTML5

As we all know HTML5 gives us some pretty useful feature . Today I am going to show the feature which gives a new look to Forms module.In Old version of html , Forms were pretty boring and you have to…


Date / Time Picker

7 years ago   Views 47446   downloads 10574   Calendar & Date & Time picker

A date picker control. To open the calendar, click the icon at the right side of the input box. While open, you can use keyboard controls to navigate the datepicker: Right arrow: next day Left arrow:…


Ajax Style Loading Animation in CSS3 ( no Images )

7 years ago   Views 42764   downloads 13391   Layout & Interface

As we all know loading images are very essential part of any website , but some time loading images takes time to load itself. But what if the images made up in CSS. So this time I used CSS3 to develop…