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jQuery UI Accordion

Views 16749   downloads 4741   Accordion

  Make the selected elements Accordion widgets. Semantic requirements: The markup of your accordion container needs pairs of headers and content panels: <div id="accordion"> <h3><a…


jQuery UI datepicker

The jQuery UI Datepicker is a highly configurable plugin that adds datepicker functionality to your pages. You can customize the date format and language, restrict the selectable date ranges and add in…


awsesome images gallery using css3 and jquery

Views 7097   downloads 1714   Lightbox & Dialog & Overlay

we will be creating a very simple but great looking css3 image gallery using jquery and css3. The image gallery will be tited to the side and on hover will move. Whenever you click on the image a lightbox…


Simplest jQuery Spotlight Effect

Views 9880   downloads 1468   Image Effects

This is a Simplest jQuery Spotlight Effect 1. HTML We will use divs instead of ul list here. I have tested it with UL before, and it will work perfectly fine, you just have to style is with CSS. The caption…


Simple Interactive CSS Button with jQuery

Views 9660   downloads 1994   Form

we will be creating a button that will replace the default submit button. It will be degrade gracefully, animated and easy to implement. 1. HTML The following is a pretty stardard form structure. 2 text…


jQuery plugin text hidden and expand

Views 7977   downloads 1431   Text & Link Effects

The first in the series is called ‘truncatable‘. Simply put truncatable is a lightweight truncation plugin for jQuery. Designed for users who want to be able to hide and expand text on a page.…


Simple jQuery Color Picker

Views 8684   downloads 2180   Color Picker

Usage Minimal $('#test').colorPicker({ click: function(color){$('#output').html(c);} }); Options $('#test').colorPicker({ defaultColor: 0, // index of the default color (optional) columns: 13, // number…


jQuery Tabbed Side Menu

Views 14531   downloads 3023   Tabs

Tabbed Interface or Tabbed Structure Menu is getting really famous in web design & development.This example will show you how to build your own tabbed Interface using jQuery with slideDown/slideUp…


Useful and Practical jQuery Image ToolTips

Views 43275   downloads 13490   Image Effects

It displays a tooltip image when user hover on the thumbnail with fadein and out effect. it's a useful script for your website. 1. HTML I have been thinking of using UL list, but then I think it's not…


jQuery Moving Tab and Sliding Content

Views 10557   downloads 1852   Tabs

how to create a moving tab slide content in this tutorial. Basically, the tab section simulate Lava Lamp Effect, and the content is using animate method to slide it.   1. HTML In the container #moving_tab,…


Fast and Simple Toggle View Content with jQuery

Views 10839   downloads 3009   Accordion

This script is fairly straight forward. What it does is using the UL list and allow user to toggle to display the content of LI items. This is a really useful user interface feature that it helps designers…


Auto Scrolling ComboBox(jQuery &CSS3;)

Views 13362   downloads 2571   Form

we will show you some useful and neat UI elements that are focused on selecting content. We will be using jQuery and some CSS3 properties for the style to give the elements some edge. This is a select…


Image Highlighting and Preview with jQuery

Views 9920   downloads 1634   Lightbox & Dialog & Overlay

We will highlight images on a delayed hover and offer a preview mode which will enlarge and center the bigger version of the image on the screen. The Markup   For the HTML structure we simply need…


Really Simple Color Picker in jQuery

Views 7707   downloads 2072   Color Picker

Recently, I needed to use a color picker with predefined color palette for my work. Thanks to many enthusiastic developers, there are several popular, sophisticated color pickers already exist for jQuery.…


Jquery small color picker plugin

Views 9776   downloads 2038   Color Picker

Color Picker Jquery Plugin [removed][removed] [removed][removed] [removed]// <![CDATA[// <![CDATA[ $(document).ready(function(){ $('.color_picker').smallColorPicker(); }); // ]]>[removed] Usage:…