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jQuery lightBox plugin

Views 9006   downloads 1914   Lightbox & Dialog & Overlay

jQuery lightBox plugin is simple, elegant, unobtrusive, no need extra markup and is used to overlay images on the current page through the power and flexibility of jQuery´s selector. lightBox is…


Load In and Animate Content with jQuery Tabs

Views 19627   downloads 3645   Tabs

We will be taking your average everyday website and enhancing it with jQuery. We will be adding ajax functionality so that the content loads into the relevant container instead of the user having to navigate…


jQuery Fancy Zoom Plugin

Views 11381   downloads 1814   Lightbox & Dialog & Overlay

This plugin is the jQuery version on the fancy zoom effect. As describe on the fancy zoom web site, this effect is providing a smooth, clean, truly Mac-like effect, almost like it's a function of Safari…


a Progress Bar With Form(jQuery )

Views 8979   downloads 1850   Form

The Progress Bar is one of the latest components to be added to the excellent library of UI widgets and interaction helpers built on top of jQuery. It was introduced in the latest version of the library,…


Perfect signin dropdown box likes Twitter with jQuery

Views 11993   downloads 2468   Form

Twitter’s running a new homepage with clean and easy design. Look at the top right of Twitter’s homepage, you’ll see the sign in button which will drop down the login form. HTML Code…


JQuery Rolling News

Views 16683   downloads 3879   Slideshow & Scroller

We’ll be looking at how we can transform some semantic and accessible underlying HTML into an attractive and functional news ticker that smoothly scrolls its contents. Some news tickers are horizontal…


Sweet AJAX Tabs With jQuery 1.4 & CSS3 HTML5

Views 11504   downloads 1605   Tabs

We are making an AJAX-powered tab page with CSS3 and the newly released version 1.4 of jQuery, so be sure to download the zip archive from the button above and continue with step one.   Step 1 –…


jQuery image AdSense(Image Tips)

Views 12961   downloads 2479   Tooltips

Installation   Step1:include css and js files. <script type="text/javascript" src="js/jquery-1.3.2.min.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="js/webwidget_tip_imagesAdSense.js"></script>…


jQuery html5 canvas 3D animation effect

Views 74621   downloads 3249   HTML5

Directions: Step 1: Add the below code inside the <HEAD> section of the page:   <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>…


Neon Text Effect With jQuery & CSS

Views 24499   downloads 3175   HTML5

In this combined design and coding tutorial, we are creating a neon glow text effect with CSS and jQuery, perfect for spicing up your web pages while keeping an eye on SEO. Read more。。


awesome jQuery and CSS3 Contextual Slideout Tips

Views 30397   downloads 3297   Tooltips

The main idea is to create an easily configurable set of contextual slideouts. Each can be opened in one of four directions – bottom-right (default), bottom-left, top-left and top-right, and each…


jQuery-Horizontal Accordion

Views 21089   downloads 4221   Accordion

This jQuery plugin allows you to easily transform any unordered list into a horizontal menu. Currrent functionality: No dependencies Optional use of easing plugin Close and open content one after the…


Zoom-Info – Create An Informative Image Gallery With jQuery & CSS

Views 13820   downloads 2379   Image Effects

Question: Have you ever wanted to neatly display a few lines of text about an image in your site but didn’t want to compromise on the design of your overall layout?we'll going to show you how to…


Horizontal Accordion using the Tabs

Views 21717   downloads 3365   Accordion

HTML Coding Our HTML setup is similar to the basic accordion setup except that the "headers" are now images: <!-- accordion root --> <!-- 1st header and pane --> .. pane content .. <!--…