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Tweetblast jQuery

3 years ago   Views 3533   downloads 752   Form

The index page will have 3 slides, they will be Entering the data/errors slide Searching slide Thanks slide and we will animate them in and out depending on the information that we get from out PHP script.…


Content Slider using jFlow, A Minimalist jQuery Plugin

3 years ago   Views 15590   downloads 2084   Slideshow & Scroller

So, let’s start to create our content-slider now.   Create a style.css file, and insert the following code into the file: #jFlowSlide{ background:#DBF3FD; font-family: Georgia; } #myController…


a Content Slider with jQuery

3 years ago   Views 13907   downloads 2329   Slideshow & Scroller

Let’s start with the HTML we’ll base our jQuery around. We’ll start with a <div> to hold the content slider, which we’ll give a class attribute of “contentslider”.…


Image Rotator with Description (CSS/jQuery)

3 years ago   Views 17140   downloads 3084   Slideshow & Scroller

An image rotator is one great way to display portfolio pieces, eCommerce product images, or even as an image gallery.   Step1. HTML – Image Rotator Wireframe   Start by building the html…


jQuery 3D Feature Image Carousel

3 years ago   Views 25493   downloads 3338   Slideshow & Scroller

For this plugin to work, you will need to include the latest version of jQuery on your webpage BEFORE including this script. This plugin currently works with jQuery verson 1.4, and will most likely work…


iPhone-like Password Fields using jQuery

3 years ago   Views 7604   downloads 1309   Form

Password fields on iPhone/iPod touch   Of course Nielsen is right when he talks about users making more errors and feeling less confident when they can’t see what they’re typing while…


QuickFlip 2: The jQuery Flipping Plugin

3 years ago   Views 10138   downloads 1488   Image Effects

QuickFlip works by using an animation shortcut that is barely noticeable when flipped quickly (hence the name). This shortcut improves performance while allowing the flip effect to work smoothly with…


Animated 3D Carousel Share Buttons, CSS3 & jQuery

3 years ago   Views 10514   downloads 1531   Slideshow & Scroller

we are doing just that, by using pure JavaScript with the jQuery framework, to make an animated sharing bar, which will enable your website visitors to share posts on a number of social networks.  …


Fancy checkboxes and radio buttons with jquery

3 years ago   Views 23330   downloads 4784   Form

Usage Add js and css files   <LINK rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="./radio-checkbox_files/style.css"> <SCRIPT src=""></SCRIPT>…


Smooth slide show script s3Slider jQuery plugin

3 years ago   Views 12330   downloads 1956   Slideshow & Scroller

It is very easy. First include the jQuery library then include the s3Slider javascript in the head of the page(s) where you want to use s3Slider. <script src="js/jquery.js" type="text/javascript"></script>…


an inline lightbox alternative jQuery.popeye

3 years ago   Views 10715   downloads 1837   Lightbox & Dialog & Overlay

jQuery.popeye take a list of thumbnails and links to images and converts them into a popeye box . To set up the plugin, you need to include the JavaScript file jquery.popeye-2.0.min.js (see hint on preventing…


Reel images 360°3D view jQuery plugin

3 years ago   Views 17592   downloads 1962   Image Effects

An image is worth a thousand words. And what about the moving one! Try reel for yourself. Place your mouse pointer over images above. And roll your mouse wheel up/down or drag the image left/right. How…


Zoomimage Lightbox jQuery Plugin

3 years ago   Views 8689   downloads 1194   Lightbox & Dialog & Overlay

About Present you images in stylish way. The links are unobtrusively highjacked to open the images in an inpage popup with drop shadow and border.   Implement   Attach the Javascript and CSS…


Color Picker - jQuery plugin

3 years ago   Views 9585   downloads 1833   Color Picker

  A simple component to select color in the same way you select color in Adobe Photoshop   Implement   Attach the Javascript and CSS files to your document. Edit CSS file and fix the paths…


Flexigrid - Grid Table with jQuery

3 years ago   Views 39561   downloads 6338   Table

  Lightweight but rich data grid with resizable columns and a scrolling data to match the headers, plus an ability to connect to an xml based data source using Ajax to load the content. Similar in…