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Images Color Thief with jQuery

  Views 22447   downloads 3277   Image Effects

Ever wanted to grab the dominant color or color palette from an image?… Probably not. But now you can! Usecase #1: Color Search This script could be useful for sites that sort and search by color.…


jQuery beautiful slideshow book transition pages

  Views 106119   downloads 22096   Slideshow & Scroller

turn.js is a plugin for jQuery that adds a beautiful transition similar to real pages in a book or magazine for HTML5. + Uses Hardware acceleration + Works on tablets and smartphones + Easy to manipulate…


Very Useful JQuery barcode plugin

  Views 21492   downloads 4083   Layout & Interface

Jquery plugin to create barcode Barcode JQuery plugin installation Like any plugin, just inclure the source file after including that of JQuery. <script type="text/javascript" src="jquery-1.3.2.min.js"></script>…


Awesome jQuery scrolling decks plugin

  Views 42788   downloads 8940   Slideshow & Scroller

Create section navigation by linking to slide id’s (optional) After linking all the required scripts (jQuery, Scrollorama, scrollTo, easing & scrolldeck), create the slide deck on document ready…


jQuery images Interactive and Filterable Plugin

  Views 25995   downloads 4687   Image Effects

The plugin is configurable to work with just about any markup. Filters <ul id="portfolio-filter"> <li><a href="#all">All</a> </li> <li><a rel="design"…


Rotating hover Image with JQuery

  Views 33519   downloads 3816   Image Effects

Creating a jquery plugin is easier than it sound, first time I heard about creating 3rd party plugin sounds scary, maybe need more deeper understanding about the platform, but not in jquery. Well I just…


jQuery Stylish Background Image Sliding effect

  Views 38270   downloads 6221   Slideshow & Scroller

we'll show you how to create sliding image cell effect. This is will something like small photo gallery. Step 1. HTML Here are full html code of our result. For our demonstration I use 5 photos –…


Awesome JQuery Photo Rotator Slideshow Effect

  Views 36852   downloads 6576   Slideshow & Scroller

Photo Rotator JQuery plugin is a easy to use JQuery plugin for web developer to build Javascript gallery on their web application. The plugin can be driven by xml. Easy setup and only minimum programming…


jQuery 3D Parallax Background Effect

  Views 68711   downloads 9178   Image Effects

The HTML Our page will consist of 6 sections: header, footer and 4 articles. On the right, we’ll place an unordered list that links between the articles and remains fixed on the page so it doesn’t…


Very Nice Minimit Gallery Plugin With jQuery

  Views 29650   downloads 4946   Slideshow & Scroller

Minimit Gallery is a highly customizable Jquery plugin that does galleries, slideshows, carousels, slides… pratically everything that has multiple states. Using Minimit Gallery you have more time…


Cool jQuery Nautilus plugin

  Views 28623   downloads 4476   Image Effects

Nautilus is a jQuery plug-in based on Google's Doodle honoring Jules Verne (it was released on February 8, 2011). The letters of Google looked like hatches that allowed to see "under the sea",…


Slidorion-auto play accordion image slider effect

  Views 50111   downloads 10882   Accordion

A combination of an image slider and an accordion, the slidorion displays beautiful images along with a variable length description. With images linked to each tab, and accompanied by a large array of…


jQuery images opening and closing door effect

  Views 32106   downloads 3288   Slideshow & Scroller

Imagine you have a sliding door, one left and one right. In order to open/close this particular door, we have to pull or push both door so that it will open or close completely. This is the usual case…


Jquery and CSS3 Nice Google Plus Photo stack

  Views 30133   downloads 6202   Image Effects

If you are using Google Plus then you must have noticed the photo stack effect when you view your own album or someone else album. The HTML Part The first step will be to create our html page to place…


jQuery useful preload image effect

  Views 19996   downloads 2482   Image Effects

The idea is to preload an image first to browser cache, then display it when completely loaded using jQuery. We can also make it more presentable to viewers by adding a fade in effect after we preload…