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A jQuery Plugin For Material Design Inspired Form Controls----Bootstrap

3 years ago   Views 13954   downloads 3489   Form

Material Form is a lightweight jQuery plugin that helps generate animated, beautiful, responsive form controls following the Google Material Design form specification. Based on the Bootstrap's grid system.…


3D Download Button w/ Meter Progress

3 years ago   Views 9733   downloads 1655   Buttons & Icons

Animated download button (icon uses one i element) with 3D transition download meter progress bar. HTML <h1>Click Me!</h1> <div class="download-wrap"> <div class="download">…


Pure CSS3 Animated buttons

3 years ago   Views 11422   downloads 2721   Buttons & Icons

Just playing around with transitions. No jQuery, just pure CSS3 buttons with descriptions. HTML <ul> <li><a href="#" class="round green">Login<span class="round">That…


150+ Free Animated Flat SVG Icons

3 years ago   Views 15889   downloads 4226   Buttons & Icons

Joseph Howard from Pencil Scoop did a great job.He created animating icons with simple CSS and a tiny bit of jQuery.The pack containg 150+ free animated icon in Flat style With Shadow Hovers,Animated…


jQuery one large product per slide colorful slider for showcasing

3 years ago   Views 16925   downloads 4882   Slideshow & Scroller

This is a minimal theme ideal for displaying one large product and title per slide. The background transitions between each slide as the user navigates through products. To add a Sequence.js theme to…


Multiple CSS3 powered hover effects

3 years ago   Views 9046   downloads 2666   Buttons & Icons

This is a collection of CSS3 powered hover effects to be applied to links, buttons, logos, SVG, featured images and so on. Easily apply to your own elements, modify or just use for inspiration. Available…


Cool 15 CSS Mobile Header Animations

3 years ago   Views 20005   downloads 3767   Menu & Navigation

we'll created this resource to highlight some navigation animations. By explaining the first example I hope you will understand the rest animations. The main thing that will differ is the navigation…


Performance-focused pure css loading animations

3 years ago   Views 11184   downloads 2639   Layout & Interface

Delightful and performance-focused pure css loading animations. A collection of loading animations written entirely in css. Each animation is limited to a small subset of css properties in order to avoid…


jQuery and CSS3 Products Comparison Table

3 years ago   Views 14393   downloads 1968   Table

A responsive table to compare and filter through multiple products. The HTML structure is composed of a wrapping a <header> and…


Cool jQuery Image for 3d Hover effect

3 years ago   Views 15382   downloads 3398   Image Effects

This is a Simple jQuery plugin for 3d Hover effect. jQuery Hover3d is a simple hover script for creating 3d hover effect. It was my experiment on exploring CSS3 3d transform back in 2015 on Codepen 3D…


Super Cool Responsive tab

3 years ago   Views 17252   downloads 6679   Tabs

Responsive tab layout with JavaScript and CSS. Usage Markup your HTML like this: <div id="tabs" class="c-tabs no-js"> <div class="c-tabs-nav"> <a href="#"…


6 kinds of coolImage Overlay Hover Effects With CSS3 Transitions

3 years ago   Views 18674   downloads 3685   Image Effects

we’re going to build some image overlay hover effects with CSS3 transitions. When we hover over an image, a neat transition will occur, showing us an icon that hints the user to click on it for…


Ratyli: Simple jQuery Rating Plugin

3 years ago   Views 8599   downloads 1968   Rating & Star Rating

Ratyli: Simple jQuery Rating Plugin   HTML <span class="ratyli" data-rate="3"></span> JS $(function() { $('.ratyli').ratyli(); }); Quick start: Incude the…


Very Cool autoSlide with jQuery

3 years ago   Views 22221   downloads 2744   Slideshow & Scroller

This is a coolautoSlide with jQuery,I think you will like it. Plug-in description: a set of automatic sliding for the sidebar Change phone color  The Css .bg1{ background:url(img/1.jpg) no-repeat…


Awesome CSS3 Animated Search Box

3 years ago   Views 21884   downloads 4861   Form

 We will like to show you how we can create a really cool animated search box with CSS3 and JavaScript. Part 1 : HTML First of all, we have a container, div, with “search-wrapper” class.…