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jQuery plugin select date and time-----DateTimePicker

4 years ago   Views 16689   downloads 4574   Calendar & Date & Time picker

Use this plugin to unobtrusively add a datetimepicker, datepicker or timepicker dropdown to your forms. How do I use it? First include to page css and js files <!-- this should go after your </body>…


A touchable jQuery lightbox

4 years ago   Views 16325   downloads 4170   Lightbox & Dialog & Overlay

What is Swipebox ? Swipebox is a jQuery "lightbox" plugin for desktop, mobile and tablet.   Main Features Swipe gestures for mobile Keyboard Navigation for desktop CSS transitions with…


Simple lightweight jQuery plugin with AudioControls

4 years ago   Views 12198   downloads 2469   Image Effects

AudioControls simple lightweight jQuery plugin, helps you to create your own audio player, playlist and additional features. Include script after the jQuery library (unless you are packaging scripts somehow…


Useful jQuery Tree Plugin----zTree

4 years ago   Views 12198   downloads 2924   Menu & Navigation

   zTree is a multi-functional "tree plug-ins." based on jQuery. The main advantages of zTree includes excellent performance, flexible configuration, and the combination of multiple…


Super Cool Rain & Water Effect Experiments With jQuery

4 years ago   Views 16184   downloads 3640   Layout & Interface

Some experimental rain and water drop effects made with WebGL and shown in different demo scenarios. We'll share some WebGL experiments with you. The idea is to create a very realistic looking rain…


Multiple Effect Ideas for Card Stacks with jQuery

4 years ago   Views 9909   downloads 1880   Image Effects

Some effect inspiration for card stacks. The idea is to show animation ideas for positive (accept) or negative (reject) feedback on a generic card element. we’ll like to share some inspiration for…


CSS3 & jQuery Awesome Apple TV Poster Parallax Effect

4 years ago   Views 15177   downloads 2515   Image Effects

The new Apple TV parallax effect? It is awesome! We have decided to reproduce this effect using CSS and jQuery, and it looks very close to Apple’s parallax effect. HTML Our structure will look…


New CSS3 Hover Link Effects

4 years ago   Views 10399   downloads 2046   Buttons & Icons

One of the essential parts of a website is a text link. By clicking an anchor tag you can go anywhere from the site as it points to a specific page. Typical links contain simple hover effects such as…


control on social sharing buttons with jQuery ----socialShare.js

4 years ago   Views 6787   downloads 977   Buttons & Icons

This is a jquery plugin to provide more control on social sharing buttons. Do the styling without worrying about the javascript implementation. Features Full control over the design of the buttons. No…


Very Cool dynamic cascading grid with jQuery

4 years ago   Views 10455   downloads 1810   Layout & Interface

This is a very fast and simple javascript plugin to help you create a dynamic cascading grid. Getting started First, include stackgrid.adem.js in your project. <!-- Example HTML --> <div…


jQuery animations with text fade

4 years ago   Views 9092   downloads 1481   Text & Link Effects

jAnimate makes your animate.css rocks with jQuery NOTE: You need have jQuery and Animate.css in your project to use janimate. You can use janimate with bower, npm or download…


Data-based DOM element filtering via tags with jQuery

4 years ago   Views 9408   downloads 1898   Layout & Interface

Tagsort provides dynamic tag-based element filtering using data attributes to produce tags for a specified set of elements and append those sort tags to the tagsort element .tagSort({options...}) is…


Multiple Shake and Border with jQuery

4 years ago   Views 8847   downloads 1933   Layout & Interface

ShakeBorder jQuery Quick start 1.- Include the files <!-- Bootstrap and JQuery --> <link rel="stylesheet" href="bootstrap.min.css"> <script src="jquery.min.js">…


use canvas image pixelating filter jQuery plugin

4 years ago   Views 12305   downloads 1761   Image Effects

PixelFlow – an image pixelating filter jQuery plugin using canvas PixelFlow follows a common jQuery plugin pattern whereby, $().PixelFlow([options]) is a base and if you want to call a specific…


Very useful jQuery multiple select plugin

4 years ago   Views 9468   downloads 1564   Form

SmartSelect is a jQuery multiple select plugin designed for data mining projects. It is nice, fast and has lots of useful features which can not be found in other select plugins.   Handles much more…